mesa boogie

From walls of 4x12s to modern modeling tech, heavy tones have come a long way since the age of Iommi.

No style of amp is so definitively a part of a musical genre and culture as high-gain amplifiers. In the modern amp market, there’s a wide range of amps that can achieve a heavy tone, from hulking stacks to lunchbox heads, but their objective unites them. High-gain amps are a cornerstone of electric guitar, and their aggression is heard in every style of music under the sun.

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Goose, from left: Trevor Weeks, Peter Anspach, Rick Mitarotonda, Jeff Arevalo (standing), and Ben Atkind (seated).

Photo by Pooneh Ghana

With a rep for energetic live improvisations, the jammers explore the potential of the recording studio and lean toward their indie-rock influences on their latest album.

What I love the most about it is the magic and the lore,” says Rick Mitarotonda, discussing his passion for jamming. “It’s a rabbit hole, and you can go as deep as you want. And you never really reach the end of it. It speaks to that magical dream quality, the way the shows travel to these different places.”

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Mesa Boogie Badlander 25 Demo | FIrst Look

Boogie downsizes a demonic amp that is just as capable of delicious clean tones.

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