The Boss GE-7 graphic equalizer.

Ever think of adding EQ to your signal chain? Here’s a brief but definitive guide on how to get started.

Equalization is a powerful sonic-sculpting tool. Almost immediately after we figured out how to convert the music we hear into electronic waveforms, electronic engineers devised circuits to manipulate those signals by attenuating and accentuating different frequency bands. In recording studios, equalization can subtract bass from a boomy kick drum or add sibilance to a breathy vocal. In sound reinforcement, we can equalize the response of a PA in a room with less than ideal resonances.

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The second installment in the company’s new line of overdrives—and the latest collaboration with guitarist Andy Timmons—shows evolution on multiple fronts.

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All the pedals on this back cover photo from the Devil Gods’ album, Sick Little Monkey, were used in its recording, in 1999.

Judge not, lest ye miss out on a lot of great guitar tones!

Over the years, at various gigs, I’ve been asked “What do you need all those pedals for?” If it’s a civilian or guitar novice, I tend to run down a quick explanation of what’s on my board, citing examples, ideally, in songs they’ve just heard my band play. If it’s a wise guy with a beef about pedal tones, I simply reply, “Just following orders from Mr. Hendrix.” And I step away.

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