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Jared James Nichols & John Bohlinger Live at Gibson Garage
Jared James Nichols & John Bohlinger Live at the Gibson Garage

Mr. Blues Power Jared James Nichols and John Bohlinger take the stage at the Gibson Garage in downtown Nashville to go over JJN's latest Epiphone Les Paul Custom that features a brand-new Seymour Duncan JJN P90 Silencer pickup. The duo talk shop, cover Nichols' other signature Epiphones and trade a few riffs.

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BilT Gutiars Rele Demo | First Look

PG's Vanessa Wheeler takes a turn with a smaller, short-scale offset that bristles with bells, whistles, and sonic surprises.

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Rig Rundown: Crobot's Chris Bishop

Oscillation, octave, out-there sounds, and Bozo-the-Clown dive bombs take shape with a trusty offset, some pissed-off P-90s, and a pedalboard stocked with interactive tone tanglers.

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