power supply

Walrus Audio Canvas Power Supplies offer up to 500mA of clean, isolated 9V power with modern features like a power meter, variable outputs, and worldwide voltage compatibility.

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Earthboard - EBII and EBII-SR Pedalboard Systems - Summer Gear Slam '21

New patents abound in this unique system for wirelessly powering, easily linking, and quickly reorganizing your stomp setup.

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If you're a guitar modder, you probably already have most of the simple tools needed for this unique pedalboard project.

Hello, and welcome to my first DIY project for Premier Guitar. I'm going to explain how to make a battery-operated power supply for your pedalboard (Image 1). We'll be using a cordless drill battery for power and a few other items that you might already have lying around. All of the parts needed for this project can be easily found and purchased online.

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