To create an aux track in LUNA or Pro Tools, press Cmd+Shift+N (or Ctrl+Shift+N on a PC) and set “aux” as the type.

Here’s a lesson in how to apply automation settings to various parameters in your mixes.

Hello, and welcome to another Dojo! Tighten up your belts, because this time I’m going to take you further down “automation lane,” and point out some DAW features that may be missing in your mixes. You’ll recall that last month, I sang the praises of immersive audio and how having your automation skills “on point” can be a big benefit in your mixing process in this paradigm. I also dove into the differences between “write,” “latch,” “touch,” and “trim” settings. Now, you should be able to apply them to a multitude of different parameters available in most DAWs.

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