Built around two high-gainsilicon transistors, the Goblin was designed to deliver an intense yet smooth and full-bodied fuzz tone.

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Affordable modulated analog delay in miniature.

An excellent sounding and affordable passport to the universe of modulated analog delay that also respects tradition.

Micro size is a blessing and, for some, perhaps a small curse.


Pigtronix Constellator


Despite the spacey name, the Constellator isn't the most out-of-this-world contraption made by Pigtronix. For that prize, I would submit the Mothership 2 Analog Synthesizer, which is raving madness in a box. Madness is relative though, and the Constellator is possessed with a more warm-hearted insanity. And while this analog delay does playfully cross the line into modulation in two ways, it has more of a star- (or maybe shoe-) gazing vibe that's warm and old-school in tone, but looks beyond the orbit of conventional delay.

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Rig Rundown: RJ Ronquillo

A backwards Strat, a radical Jetsons-y guitar, Def Leppard's secret weapon, and more pedals than currently listed on Reverb fill this YouTuber's tone lounge.

He's played with Santana, Stevie Wonder, and a host of other greats, and his lessons and demos on YouTube have garnered more than 15-million views—so there's a good chance you already know this Nashville-based guitarist.

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