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Midrange is the guitar’s magic zone. An EQ pedal will help you sculpt a mix-ready tone before you hit record.

Hello, and welcome to another Dojo. This time I want to shine some light on a secret to great tone: midrange! I’ll be approaching this from the front end of the recording process, using an EQ pedal, but these ideas can be easily applied further downstream in your DAW by using outboard EQs, or EQ plugins. I encourage you to record your experiments so you can hear them and evaluate the differences. The Dojo is now open.

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Rig Rundown - Kurt Ballou

Converge’s 6-string steamroller—who also happens to be a famously heavy and in-demand producer (and gear designer)—takes PG inside his GodCity Studio to talk mics, tracking, instrument building, and more.

If you’ve thought to yourself, “this is the most vicious-sounding record I’ve heard,” chances are Kurt Ballou’s fingerprints are on it. Since officially starting in 1995 inside his parents’ garage and eventually opening GodCity Studio’s doors in 2003 (in “Witch City” Salem, MA, no less), Ballou has chiseled out granite tones for bands like Every Time I Die, High on Fire, Torche, Cave In, Old Man Gloom, American Nightmare, and Kvelertak. (“He brings a lot to the table, and he’s been pretty important in terms of how our sound got formed,” Kverlertak’s Vidar Landa in a PG interview on working with Ballou.) Oh, and we can forget his genre-shaping band Converge, that he’s played guitar in since 1990, co-produced since 2001’s hardcore pillar Jane Doe and been the console captain since 2006’s No Heroes.

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Revv Amplification Generator 120 MkIII Demo - PG Gear Spotlight

The company's flagship amp packs a mind-boggling amount of features in a robust four-channel setup.

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