tim mahoney

Spend an hour with the funk-punk rockers as they go over all the PRS and Gibson 6-strings, Warwick bass gear, and piles of pedals that stir up their tone.

Before their career-spanning show at Nashville’s Marathon Music Works, guitarists Tim Mahoney, (and singer) Nick Hexum, and bassist Aaron “P-Nut” Wills (above right) walk PG through their various instruments and talk about how they use their impressive load of gear to cover material from 14 studio albums.

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311’s guitarist opens up about his dream side project with unlikely heroes, working on an updated PRS signature model, and how he prefers to dress up his tacos.

Tim Mahoney is no stranger to Premier Guitar: He’s joined us for a Rig Rundown and we interviewed him about 311’s most recent album Stereolithic where he answered plenty of artistic and gear-related questions. Then, just prior to the band’s 2015 World Tour and annual 3/11 Day Celebration, Mahoney gave fans their turn to ask questions when he took over our Facebook account for about 90 minutes. Thanks to all of your inquiries, we uncovered a few nuggets of Mahoney’s personal and professional life that were previously kept under wraps. Here are the highlights:

1. Practice means perfect … and by perfect he means reaching nirvana (looper pedal optional).
I think of playing guitar as an extension of meditation. Bonding with your guitar and understanding and feeling the relationship between chord changes and how they alter the mood develops your musicality, but also provides a communicational outlet. The guitar, and music as a whole, evoke and convey emotions often not expressible by words. Spending time with your guitar should be an ongoing thing you become connected with over time and through experimentation.

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311’s tap-dancing guitarist lists his must-have effects.

311’s Tim Mahoney is an admitted pedal junkie, but that confession doesn’t mean he’ll stop trying, buying, and playing new stomps anytime soon. He travels the world with two massive boards: his designated “main board,” which holds about 20 pedals, and his secondary “party board” board with about a dozen fun noisemakers. Here Mahoney discusses his favorite wacky effects—and why he can’t part with them.

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