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Two versions, the CS7 and CS12, will be available in July.

Spring Hill, TN (June 25, 2015) -- Already well known for their tremendously popular 1 SPOT, Truetone’s new 1 SPOT Pro line expands their power supply offerings to meet the needs of today’s musicians. Bob Weil, Truetone founder and president elaborates: “When we introduced the revolutionary 1 SPOT in 2000, we upped the ante for what guitar players expect from an affordable, 9-volt power supply. 15 years later, we are doing it again with our 1 SPOT Pro line that fills in the gap for the musician looking for an affordable, professional, power supply. The 1 SPOT Pro offers a wide variety of voltages, and all the power you need for those milliamp hungry digital pedals that are now the rage. In fact, the 1 SPOT Pro can power just about any pedal on the market.”

Utilizing the powerful 1 SPOT technology, the CS7 and CS12 offer the highest level of sheer power and flexibility available in a pedal board power supply. Shipping begins July 27th.

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We see how far Way Huge, J. Rockett, Visual Sound, T-Rex, Sonic Fusion, and Svi Sound can push classic designs without losing their glorious, low-gain goodness.

To some players, overdrive is the most essential effect of all—a low-to-mid gain kick in the pants that can add pep to leads, juice up your jangle, and add that just-right dose of grit and crunch to power chords. Given their intrinsic utility, it's little surprise that there area lot of overdrives out there. So when it came to compile a sampler of new overdrives shouldering their way into the marketplace, we decided to explore the relative diversity of the overdrive ecosystem, rather than focus on a single type.

While such classics as the Ibanez TS series and the Klon Centaur remain benchmarks, milestones, and inspiration for many builders (the Archer in our roundup is a spot-on Klon klone), it's fascinating to see the ways designers have manipulated those circuits to deliver fresh sounding and sometimes more dynamic evolutions of those ancestral forms.

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