way huge electronics

Phase and envelope filter swirl as their own flavors and in many shades of a fascinating, functional whole.

Many cohesive mashups of modulation and filter. Forgiving envelope filter. Cool, compact size. Easy to operate.

Phase voice may be too flat for some.


Way Huge Attack Vector

A lot of players perceive phasers and envelope filters as one-trick ponies—good for a hook once in a blue moon or suited to very specific styles: prog, psychedelia, Bootsy Collins funk, or playing in your local Grateful Dead cover band. Way Huge’s Attack Vector, which combines an envelope filter and a phaser, and lets you operate them independently, sounds cool in both modes. What’s especially cool is how often the two effects can multiply each other’s strengths used in tandem. This extra functionality and palette of sounds means a range that can span utility, tradition, and the bizarre.
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