A brutal yet smooth op amp overdrive and fuzz.

A great fuzz pedal should energize your playing with fire and brimstone. But sometimes the fieriest fuzzes can be a real handful. Yellowcake’s Furry Burrito manages to be hot and forgiving by mating a nasty fuzz circuit with a relatively civilized overdrive employing a combination of silicon and germanium clipping diodes. It’s as smooth a fuzz as you’ll hear, without sacrificing the desired nastiness.

Monstruo de Dos Cabezas
The Furry Burrito is essentially an overdrive cascading into a fuzz. The fuzz and overdrive are controlled via the gain and drive knobs, respectively. Together they can produce eyebrow-raising snarl, but they also provide mellower saturation shades. Meanwhile, the filter knob controls a low-pass filter that lets the Furry Burrito move from wooly and bassy to hot and bright.

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A straight forward and versatile OD-type pedal that ranges from mild dirt to blown-out, "fried," fuzz-loaded tube amp on the brink.

Tuscaloosa, AL (May 11, 2015) -- Introducing the FRIED GOLD. A straight forward and versatile overdrive-type pedal that ranges from mild, to a blown out ‘Fried’ almost ‘fuzz-ish’ tube amp.

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