Yellowcake Pedals Introduces the Furry & Fried

A two-in-one pedal that combines the company's Furry Burito and Fried Gold into a single box.

Tuscaloosa, AL (August 1, 2018) -- Introducing the Furry and Fried. This pedal is as straight forward as it gets. There's a Furry Burrito (fuzz/overdrive) on the left side, and the Fried Gold (light/medium overdrive) on the right.

Furry Burrito (left side)
A versatile overdrive/fuzz pedal that ranges from a nice, warm overdrive to a saturated fuzz that produces that Muff-like sustain. It's coupled with a blue led voltage trim knob to add signal break-up. Rounding out the configuration is a fat switch for bass.

Fried Gold (right side)
A versatile overdrive pedal that ranges from mild to blown out and fuzzy. Designed to complement the front end of a tube amp while mixing wonderfully with the dirt channel to provide more punch and grit. It has a versatile gain range and a mild tone control to keep the overall voicing of the pedal intact.

With this combo you will be able to easily play these two circuits off of each other and find plenty of tonal textures, with the addition of the effect order toggle switch. Now Shipping

$225 street

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