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Yellowcake Introduces the Fried Gold

A straight forward and versatile OD-type pedal that ranges from mild dirt to blown-out, "fried," fuzz-loaded tube amp on the brink.

Tuscaloosa, AL (May 11, 2015) -- Introducing the FRIED GOLD. A straight forward and versatile overdrive-type pedal that ranges from mild, to a blown out ‘Fried’ almost ‘fuzz-ish’ tube amp.

Designed to complement the front end tube amp while capable of mixing wonderfully with the dirt channel to provide more punch and grit. Versatile gain range, and a mild tone control to keep the overall voicing of the pedal intact.


  • TINT- A subtle tone control that adds a bit of extra glass and presence.
  • GAIN – Adjusts from a mild overdrive to a blown-out ‘Fried’ or ‘fuzz-ish ‘ tube amp.
  • LEVEL – Total output volume
  • Gain range versatility for the clean and dirt channels
  • Powder-coated UV printed enclosure
  • True bypass switching
  • 9V Battery or 2.1mm negative center 9vdc adapter
  • Current draw approximately 8.8 mA
  • Isolated power supply use recommended
  • Hand-assembled and hand-wired

Pricing information:
$160 (street)

For more information: