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Yellowcake Pedals Introduces the Psychotropia

Yellowcake Pedals Introduces the Psychotropia

A deep filter with an intuitive sample/hold function.

Tuscaloosa, AL (August 8, 2019) -- Introducing the Psychotropia, a sample/hold filter with a glide knob option that interacts with a toggle switch for rising, falling or both waveforms. It also features a ‘hi / low’ eq cut that is interactive with the sample and hold pattern, in addition to a ‘log’ toggle in the up position softens or rounds the edges of the random pattern.


  • Powder-coated UV printed enclosure
  • True bypass switching
  • 2.1mm negative center 9vdc adapter
  • Current draw approximately 55mA
  • Isolated power supply use recommended
  • Hand assembled and hand-wired
  • 3.5mm CV in and CV out

Street Price: $229.00

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