Yellowcake Pedals Announces the Lida Machine

An analog resonant filter that feature frequency and resonance controls along with several LFO options.

Tuscaloosa, AL (July 28, 2017) -- The Lida Machine is an analog resonant filter, also known as a VCF (Voltage Control Filter) with two independently adjustable LFOs. The resonance knob can take you to crazy oscillated territory. A ‘CV-IN’ is also provided for adding any other voltage-controlled synth modules.


  • Resonance - Adjust the resonance of VCF. Oscillation starts when knob is at 4 o’clock
  • Clear powder-coat finish and UV printed enclosure
  • Expression pedal in for the frequency control
  • LFO 1 Switch - two-way toggle that switches triangle LFO rate from Slow to Fast
  • LFO 2 Switch - three-way waveform toggle switch: ramp, triangle, and sawtooth
  • Isolated power supply use recommended
  • Power - 9 - 12v 2.1mm negative center

Street Price: $239.99

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