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The Subversive Guitarist - Reading Music - Mar. '20 Ex. 2

Utilizing two-way humidity control technology, D’Addario’s new Humidipak Absorb protects against damage to wooden instruments in environments with too much humidity.

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Borrowing a few tricks from the Boss CE-2 makes this very evolved, sweet, and fat BBD chorus a modulation star.

Intoxicating modulations. Capable of great subtlety. Thoughtful, high-quality construction.

Maybe a touch spendy for a simple BBD chorus?


Mythos Fates


Wondering how to get me to buy a pedal on looks alone? Well, Mythos’ The Fates chorus is a fine place to start. Blue Hammerite paint, chunky enclosure, Ampeg Daka Ware-style chicken head knobs—basically the stompbox equivalent of a clean, stock ’61 Ford Falcon. Yum. You know what else is tasty? The fat and creamy modulations from this unit.

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Calling all pedal lovers! You could win one of SIXTEEN (and counting!) pedals in this year's I Love Pedals giveaway. Come back daily for more entries, giving you dozens of chances to win! Giveaway ends March 1, 2024.

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