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Twang 101 - November 2014 Ex. 5

Indonesian guitarist Dewa Budjana chatting with rig designer Bob Bradshaw.

Our columnist tells the story of his visit to a recording studio, interviews an Indonesian guitarist, and releases some of his prejudices about a rack-system-style rig.

Last month, I had the opportunity to do a recording session at a professional studio, or more precisely, the best recording studio in my city. As an amateur musician, I only brought my Marshall 6101 combo, Les Paul, and ’70s fuzz wah. The owner and engineer of the studio had said that I could use all the equipment in the studio, especially the rack system that was available there.

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DR Handmade Strings, Inc. introduces Dragon Skin+ coated strings with Accurate Core Technology for enhanced tone, comfort, and longevity.

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Guitarist Michael Hedges transcended genre with his incendiary two-hand technique, oddball instruments, and plethora of unique tunings. And his creative cover arrangements, from Sheila E. to Zappa, are in a world of their own. On this episode, we hear from his family, friends, and scholars who share what Hedges’ music means to them, and what’s in store for Hedges fans.

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