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PG Plays: Lava ME 3

PG Plays: Lava ME 3
Lava ME 3 Demo | PG Plays

Watch John Bohlinger demo this tech-heavy guitar loaded with a tuner, effects, drum loops, and much more.


Built-in effects and loops with HILAVA system, LAVA ME 3 enables musicians to create music and records at the same time. Tuner, Metronome, Recorder are accessible with a tap, also integrated into the system. LAVA ME 3 provides a warm tone and comfortable touches with its round-shaped carbon fiber unibody which fits in all weather conditions.
Speaking about the Effects, dessert rose, edge of breakup, Cassette, Nebula, Big Ben, Black Hole...are all the top favorite effects chosen by creators all over the world, without plug-in or not. Concerning different level of guitarists, we have Practice app to help those learners go though basic knowledge and give you instant feedback to review your practice.
LAVA ME 3 is definitely the all-in-one instruments that light up the moment while jam, improvise alone or with others.

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