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Walking the Blues - Jul. '20 Ex. 8

This time on Wong Notes, guitar legend Kurt Rosenwinkel joins Cory Wong to go deep on all things jazz. The genre has always been a haven for free-thinkers and adventurers, so it’s little surprise when Rosenwinkel reveals that he’s incorporated a Fractal FM9 into his live rig—though it’s still working in tandem with a good ol’ Fender tube amp.

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Tom Butwin Demos the Boss Katana-100 Gen 3
Tom Butwin Demos the Boss Katana-100 Gen 3 | PG Plays

Join PG contributor Tom Butwin as he explores the Boss Katana Gen 3's latest features, including new "pushed" amp type, custom 12" speakers, advanced mic controls, and Bluetooth connectivity for on-the-go tone editing.

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Improving your alternate picking technique on guitar requires focused practice and attention to detail. In this video, Tom Butwin offers a few essential tips to tighten up your picking for more effortless playing.

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