The Llama is designed to be the perfect compliment to all amps, big or small, clean or dirty.

Benicia, CA (December 15, 2011) -- Dunlop has announced the return of the Way Huge Red Llama. According to Dunlop, "This is not a reproduction, but a continuation of where the groundbreaking archetype left off in 1999. Every single feature that made the Red Llama so mighty is still in place, right where Mr. Huge left them." The Llama is designed to be the perfect compliment to all amps, big or small, clean or dirty.

Spin the drive knob and go from a gentle grind all the way up to massive distortion. Use lower settings for defined open chording or juiced clean tones. Go a little higher for crunchy power fifths, and crank it up for buttery lead tones and tight, bottom-heavy riffage. The volume control sets the desired amount of overall level, but Dunlop warns: "The output capabilities of the Red Llama are legendary, with more than enough gain to force even the cleanest, most stubborn amps to submit their headroom."

$119.99 street price.

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Way Huge



  • Learn how to build up the foundation of heavy metal rhythm guitar.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of drop-D tuning.
  • Create grinding riffs in the style of King’s X, Judas Priest, and more.
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In our previous lesson, we explored at some of the must-know rhythm guitar techniques used in hard rock and heavy metal, including power chords, palm mutes, and accents. Now let’s delve a little deeper and learn more advanced skills of the masters such as pedal tones, tritones, and drop tunings.
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