The new models include the 611HFM, 510V, 311H, and 120H

Frankfurt, Germany (April 6, 2011) -- Yamaha has expanded their line of Pacifica solidbodies to include the 611HFM, 510V, 311H and 120H. The new guitars were unveiled at Musikmesse and started life in Yamaha's famed LA Custom Shop. They offer new configurations of hardware and pickup design suited to modern players.

Yamaha Pacifica 510V

The Pacifica 311H features custom-wound pickups with coil tap and high-quality hardware and solid tonewood construction and is available in black, vintage white, red metallic and yellow natural satin.

The Pacifica 510V features professional hardware, an exclusive single Seymour Duncan TBPR-1b pickup, tinted maple neck and rosewood fretboard, and is available in black, candy apple red and old violin sunburst.

The Pacifica 611HFM model stays true to the LA custom-shop guitar vision with a flamed maple and alder body with a vintage tinted maple neck with Seymour Duncan SP90 - 1n TB-14 pickups and coil tap tone pot.

The Pacifica 120H features a Maple neck, rosewood fretboard, and alder body with high performance neck and bridge humbuckers.

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Wide range of tones. Unique fuzz tones. Easy to control. Very responsive to picking dynamics and other effects.

Bias and tone controls would benefit from detents.


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