Ollie Halsall Essential Listening

This clip features Halsall on vibes with Timebox. “Beggin’” was their biggest hit and peaked at No. 38 in the U.K. Halsall’s vibe playing is stellar. Dig the band’s matching outfits.


“Give It All Away” is from Patto’s second album, Hold Your Fire. The guitar breaks are inventive and unusual, but the solo starting at 2:24 is exceptional (and really fast). Keep in mind, Halsall didn’t use effects during this period. His sound is just a guitar and overdriven amps (two Fender combos, usually a Princeton and a Super Reverb, one plugged into the other).


The guitar weirdness starts at 0:50 and just keeps getting better on “Loud Green Song” from Patto’s third album, Roll ’Em Smoke ’Em Put Another Line Out.


A mature and older Halsall plays an unconventional solo starting at 0:55. The sound quality is poor, but this video offers a taste for what Halsall was up to late in his career.