Robert Quine Essential Listening

“Betrayal Takes Two” from Blank Generation
“If he played something for you and you talked while it was playing, he would get fucking furious—not even tongue in cheek—he would really lose his mind,” Ivan Julian says. So pay attention. Quine’s solo is unhinged.

“’65” from Basic
The drum machine programming in this collaboration with Fred Maher sounds dated, but Quine’s elegant playing on this track is canny and timeless.

“Waves of Fear” from The Blue Mask
Quine’s stint as Reed’s guitar foil re-energized the legendary songwriter and 6-stringer’s playing, and Quine’s climactic solo on this tune reveals why.

“Girlfriend,” from Matthew Sweet’s Girlfriend
In this 1992 performance from TV’s Dennis Miller Live, Quine opens up wide on an arrangement that’s different from the album and lets his Strat squawk.