Susan Tedeschi

Susan Tedeschi playing a D’Angelico NYSD-9 on “Spanish Castle Magic.”

Before the show began, Tedeschi was bolting back and forth between instruments during soundcheck. Whether it was guitar, guitar and vocals, or drums, if it could make music she was playing it. She made sure everyone—the crew and us included—had fun and was in a great mood for the show. Later on that night, she owned the stage with her sweet, soulful vocals as she accompanied Eric Johnson on a fantastic rendition of Hendrix’s “One Rainy Wish.” She also joined in on “Killing Floor” with Hubert Sumlin and Kenny Wayne Shepherd. For her rig, she relied mainly on a D’Angelico NYSD9 loaded with Kent Armstrong humbuckers, though she also had a blue paisley Fender Telecaster in her arsenal.

For Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford, the Experience Hendrix Tour was a family affair. His sons Graham, 18, and Harrison, 14, jammed with Doug Wimbish and Vernon Reid of Living Colour during soundcheck, (both were quite accomplished players) and Graham even joined a jam during the show itself. “We kind of play together all of the time anyway,” Whitford explained. “Graham played a few shows on the Hendrix tour in the fall of ’08, and he has played with me in Aerosmith a few times. No fear. It’s just a ‘get me on the stage’ kind of vibe for him, because he just loves to play.”

Tedeschi’s pedalboard housed a Boss TU-2 Tuner, Moollon Overdrive, and Vox wah

As far as rigs paying tribute to Hendrix, Tedeschi’s hit the nail on the head with the loud, clean power of a reissue Marshall Super Lead 100- watt head driving a Marshall 1960BX cabinet loaded with Celestion Greenback 25-watt speakers and mic’d with a Sennheiser e906.