Cavey’s Clubs ST and GT
“I don’t think of my guitars as axes,” says builder Matt Blake. “No, they’re clubs. And because as a kid my nickname was Caveman, I call my handcrafted 6-strings Cavey’s Clubs.”

The 25.5"-scale Lake Blue ST model (right) has a compound fretboard radius of 12" to 14", an extra-large neck pocket, and is wired with Lace Gold Sensors. The ST is also available with three single-coils, in lieu of the single/single/hum configuration pictured here.

Cavey's GT model (left) has a 25.5"-scale fretboard, locking tuners, a Trem King TK-3 fixed-bridge vibrato system, and a 5-way pickup switch. The GT is loaded with custom humbuckers that have a 7.5k (neck) and 10k (bridge) output.
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