Little Walter 50/15
Designed for studio players who need both clean and distorted tones in a session, the Little Walter 50/15 is actually two separate amps in a single cabinet. One chassis houses the Little Walter 50—a clean head favored by such Nashville players as Vince Gill, Brent Mason, Dann Huff, Joe Perry, and Reggie Young. Its mate, the Little Walter 15, is known for its sweet breakup.

The 50-watt side has 6L6 power tubes, a 5U4 rectifier, and 6SC7 and 6SL7 preamp tubes. Offering a 5Y3 rectifier tube and a pair of 6SC7 preamp tubes, the 15-watt side is powered by 6V6s.

“Both amps have no circuit, tag, or turret boards,” says Little Walter’s Phil Bradbury, “and they employ true point-to-point wiring.”
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