D. Allen JohnnyBlades
New from pickup maker David Allen are the Johnny Hiland Signature Dual Blade humbuckers. Like vintage single-coils, these humbuckers are built on fiber flatwork, and plastic covers are available in white, black, creme, and parchment.

“We call these JohnnyBlades,” says Allen. “Johnny and I went through a number of my single-coil sets, and there was one he really liked, the CS HotVintage 54/59. He asked me if I could make these noiseless and wind the bridge pickup just a bit hotter. Johnny needed a set that combined single-coil tone and hum-canceling performance, and could handle anything from country to jazz to blues. But he also wanted the pickups to deal well with high gain, so he could rock out. After about six months of R&D—I made 20 versions of the sets—I finally arrived at four prototype sets. We mixed-and-matched these 12 pickups to get the exact tone Johnny was looking for. It was a challenge to achieve the wide sonic profile Johnny was after, and in the process I ended up having to order custom magnets and blades.”
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