Adam Moore is On Location in Montreal, Canada, for the Godin Tone Tasting 2010 event where he checks out Godin's new line of guitars--the Icon Series. Their are five models within the Icon Series, including the Type 2 Fat Black, Type 2 Classic, Type 2 Convertible, Type 3 Natural, Type 3 Black and Type 3 Burgundy. All the models feature the H.D.R., which revoices and augments the frequency range of each pickup and allows the player to go from passive to active pickups with the simple push of a button. The H.D.R. provides extra bite, dynamic response and redefines the character of each pickup. It's like having 2 sets of pickups in 1 guitar for 5 pure passive tones + 5 pure active tones. The models come either loaded with Jason Lollar P90s, Duncan '59s, Duncan's P-Rails or Godin's GHN1. This is Godin's first set-neck model.