Höfner Royal Blue 3-pickup Violin Bass

Hagenau, Germany (June 7, 2013) -- Höfner annouced the completion of a special line of Gold Label Violin Beatle Basses. The basses feature striking colors and unusual pickup combinations, and are intended to appeal to a new generation of bass players who appreciate the unique qualities of a Höfner bass but would like it in a finish other than sunburst.

The new lineup is handmade in Germany using top quality German components and is available now. Available options include Raven Black, Dawn Purple, and Royal Blue in dual-Toaster configuration, Party Pink in dual-Staple configuration, and Royal Blue in a new 3-pickup configuration.

The 3-pickup Royal Blue version has two 1960-style Toaster pickups in the neck position and a Staple pickup ('63 - '67 era) in the bridge. Höfner says, "This unique pickup combination offers the player both the earlier "Close Space" sound asscocaited with the Cavern model as well as the later (1962 onwards) "Normal Spaced" sound as from the famous models from 1963/64."

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