Eddie Kramer mans the board in Studio B.
Put your head together and sing it out loud
The day before our final night, we all piled into the van and headed up to Capitol Studios. We had been working diligently on our original song, “Livin’ Our Dream.” Ally had a guitar lick that she’d been sitting on for a while, and Bruce and the band helped turn it into a complete song. Ally wanted a song that expressed what we were all there to accomplish, and to represent what we’d be taking back with us when the camp was over. It had a cool Rolling Stones vibe to it, and our ever-helpful tour manager Leslie contributed her enthusiastic attitude to help keep the process fun and exciting.

Passing through the huge gate and entering the lobby of Capitol Studios was awe-inspiring. The multi-platinum records, portraits of The Beatles, and photos of Les Paul, Mary Ford and Frank Sinatra in the studios recording was a powerful reminder of where we were. As we passed down the long hallways, with photo after photo of music history adorning the walls, we entered Studio B and quietly watched the master himself, Eddie Kramer, working on a mix from one of the other bands. I was excited that I was about to be recorded by the man who recorded with David Bowie, Ace Frehley, Anthrax and many others. After we unpacked our instruments and arranged our positions, Eddiecame out of the control room and had us play by ourselves, offering comments in a calm demeanor. Even after decades of engineering incredible albums with some of the greatest artists ever to write a song, he clearly still knows how to have fun and keep himself firmly grounded. It made my personal experience even better when he had me play, and then grabbed the neck of my guitar and started to play a tapping solo! I had no idea what to do, except yell, “Hey Bruce! Get a photo of this!” while I goofed off and played another tapping line a string higher. That moment of hilarity was one of the best memories that I have of the camp: the time that Eddie Kramer and I did a ridiculous EVH impersonation together.