Other than Knopfler, one of Urban’s big guitar influences is U2’s the Edge, as evidenced by the shimmering, echo-y part that gently floats under the piano in “All for You.”

“The Edge is absolutely one of the greats,” Urban says. “We were just playing today—we were trying to get a muted, arpeggiated, single-string thing—and I was trying to get my other guitarists to get the right guitar to make it nice and woody in the middle. I said, ‘Y’know, like the Edge— that kind of thing.’ Then, I actually came to the conclusion that it was probably more David Gilmour than the Edge because of that single-string thing.”

Following in Waylon’s Footsteps?
Urban’s current Get Closer tour affords fans plenty of opportunities to check out his guitars and be inspired by either the vintage gear or the quirky stuff. The concert features an entirely new stage set, new production, and a new look that fans are going to love—including multiple stages that enable Urban to get closer to fans all over the venue.

During one of those forays into the audience, it’s entirely possible that some young boy, an eager and determined young musician, might look upon Urban and Clarence the Tele with the same reverence that the Aussie once bestowed upon Waylon Jennings and that leather-clad Broadcaster.

“It would be a huge honor—I’d better take care of it!”

Keith Urban's Gearbox
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