Youtube It
Though Keller Williams jokes about how the new Korg Kaossilator is “a poser’s dream,” the following YouTube clips quickly prove how self-deprecating the multitalented man truly is.

Williams performs his hit “Freeker by the Speaker” at the Hard Rock Café in New York City. Looping madness—including bass, beat-box, a guitar synth solo, and whistling—begins around 4:43.

Here’s a clip from Keller’s performance as the Super Music Friend from a live Yo Gabba Gabba! show in San Francisco. Although it’s from a kiddie show, it’s defi - nitely not child’s play. This clip is a magnifi cent example of how to build a loop from the ground up.

In this clip from the 2010 Summer Camp Festival in Chillicothe, Illinois, Williams is road-testing the song “I Am Elvis.” Compare it to the full-band version on Bass.