I love repeating a motif and moving notes around a central note or notes. Fig. 3 feels really comfortable to me for some reason, I guess it just has good economy of motion. This is an idea you can try on any string, in any scale, with any rhythmic combination, so have fun with it. Again, try different accents.

I came up with this line (Fig. 4) for a song of mine called “Piece of the Puzzle."" It’s a cool, quirky lick with a nice melodic quality. I feel like we can blow over all kinds of exercises to build technique, but when it comes to actually making music, you really want it to sound inspired and melodic and not coined by a technical approach.

I actually came up with this idea sitting on my couch watching Lost on Netflix and for some reason it just stuck with me. I used to always have a guitar in my hand when watching TV or riding the bus to school. Of course it’s invaluable to have practice time with silence and focus, but sometimes playing when your attention is elsewhere can be effective too.

The lick in Fig. 5 is the tag line from the title track of my Toe Jam EP. It starts in a D minor tonality—of course throwing in some bluesy b5 notes—and then moving to an E minor sound before returning to D.

Joe Robinson
Hailing from Australia, 21-year-old Joe Robinson is considered uniquely gifted as a virtuoso guitarist and singer/songwriter, and his 6-string ability and compositional insight have already earned him a worldwide following. Robinson’s latest EP,Toe Jam, features a more creative production style and a sound he says expresses his true identity as an artist. For more information, visitjoerobinson.com.