Like a lot of guitarists, I hate recording. There’s never really any way to accurately predict just how smoothly the process will go. Sometimes, I can get that one great take in a matter of minutes, other times it can take hours to capture that elusive idea rattling around in my head. That being said, I’m also constantly trying to learn more about the process. Like most musicians, I’ve lugged around a cheap four-track tape machine to track ideas that might pop up while out on the road. You know what I’m talking about—those cumbersome, flimsy machines that frequently suffer from tape jamming, dead batteries, and dirty tape heads. Luckily, we live in a time where we no longer have to stand for this anymore. The introductions of Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch devices have not only revolutionized how the world communicates and listens to music, but how we can record it as well.

We gathered together guitar interfaces from some of the biggest names out there and tested them with each one’s corresponding apps. We are happy to report that there are finally safer, more portable ways to capture those moments of divine inspiration.

In this roundup:
Peterson iStroboSoft Adapter Cable (with iStroboSoft)
Griffin Technology GuitarConnect (with iShred)
IK Multimedia iRig (with Amplitube)
Sonoma Wireworks Guitar Jack (with FourTrack)
Peavey AmpKit LINK (with AmpKit)
PRS Cables GuitarBud Cable

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