Name:Scott Bradoka

Years played:30+

Home turf: Lehigh Valley, PA

Current/former bands:I’ve been treading water in a sea of obscurity for the past 15 years under my own name.

First guitar:My first ‘real’ guitar was a borrowed Martin acoustic from my cousin. When that went back, I got a Phoenix Electra Strat style electric.

Favorite guitar:I currently own 120+ guitars, many of which are featured in my new hardcover book,My Collection. My main guitar is my 1956 Les Paul. It has been with me on every gig since 2001. It’s well worn, but feels like home.

Favorite amp:My 1963 Vox AC30 is my go-to amp, though I used a Suhr Badger and Zinky pretty much on the new tracks of my latest 2CD/DVD release, Everything.

Favorite effect: A touch of delay. Live I use a Line 6 Echo Pro.

Favorite strings:10-46

Favorite cable: Monster cable

Other gear in my stash:
I have a huge collection of guitars and amps. As stated above, over 120 guitars and currently over 25 amps. I have a number of old Gibson amps from the 1950s, a few Vox AC30s from the 1960s, a killer 1968 50 watt Marshall, along with some great new amps like a Zinky, Suhr and 65 Amps SoHo. My guitar collection focuses on 1950s and 1960s Fender, Gibson, and Gretsch guitars, though I do have some recent models plus oddball pieces.

Give us the back story on an item in your gear stash that you’ve sent a photo of: The black 1958 Fender Stratocaster was purchased from Eric Johnson. Eric originally purchased it in 1976 and it was stolen from him in 1982. In a Guitar Player interview he stated it was the best Strat he had ever owned. He eventually got the guitar back in 2006. I purchased it from him in Nov ’08. Out of the 15-20 Strats I own, it is definitely THE one.

Share a gear or gig story with Premier Guitar readers:
One of the coolest moments I have had was when we were opening dates for Jeff Beck in Germany back in ’06. The first date was Berlin. We were playing this old castle… full-on wall around it with a moat. The dressing room setup was a large area just partitioned off by velvet curtains. While I was sitting in my area changing strings, Jeff Beck was right on the other side of the curtain practicing for much of the afternoon. It was a pretty surreal afternoon for me.

What’s your philosophy on tone?
It really is in the hands. For better or worse, after a few minutes with a guitar and amp, it’s going to sound like me. Of course certain gear will enhance the sound or inspire better performance, but it will still be a variation of ‘your’ tone.

Scott's Collection - A Portion
Page 1 - Gibsons
'55 Les Paul Jr.
'55 Les Paul Special
'56 Les Paul Goldtop
'56 Les Paul Goldtop 2
'57 ES-225
'59 Les Paul Jr.
'62 ES-335
'62 SG Les Paul
'63 ES-355
Page 2 - Fenders
'52 Telecaster
'57 Esquire
'57 Stratocaster
'58 Stratocaster
'65 Stratocaster
'66 Stratocaster
Page 3 - The Rest
'58 Grestch Silver Jet
'69 Armstrong
'73 Gretsch White Falcon
Deusenberg Ron Wood Prototype
Trussart Steelcaster

1955 Les Paul Jr.

1955 Les Paul Special

1956 GoldTop

1956 Les Paul GoldTop

1957 ES-225

1959 Les Paul Jr.

1962 ES-335

1962 SG Les Paul

1966 ES-355

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