San Diego, CA(February 9, 2012) -- Seymour Duncan has announced new products for 2012 from the Winter NAMM show. New offerings include an expanded line of loaded pickguards, new hybrid humbucker, and a signature Joe Bonamassa set from the Custom Shop.

Loaded Pickguards
Seymour Duncan added to their line of loaded pickguards with new offerings for Strat players:
  • The Triple Rails Pickguard is locked and loaded for those that play rock or metal using the ferocious Hot Rails for Strat pickups.
  • The Classic Pickguard features a Custom Stack plus in the bridge, a Classic Stack in the middle and a Vintage Hot in the neck, giving you the sound of a Classic Strat and then some.
  • The Bring Your Own Pickups Pickguard allows you to choose your pickup combination so that you can create the tone you desire.
  • The Antiquity Pickguard features an artfully aged look with true vintage tone and each is personally signed by Seymour W. Duncan.
The Triple Rails, Classic, and Bring Your Own Pickups Pickguards come installed with The Liberator, which will allow you to change your pickups in minutes using only a screwdriver.

59/Custom Hybrid
Seymour Duncan's 59/Custom Hybrid pickup began in a forum thread where a user (BachToRock) had experimented with combining coils from a '59 and a Custom and put them together to surprising results. SD has now created a production model of the combination. This pickup is extremely versatile, with an Alnico 5 magnet, you get the lush vintage warmth of the '59 with the hot crunch of the Custom. It's very responsive to volume changes giving you the ability to go from warm vintage, mid-range growl or hot crunch.

Joe Bonamassa Signature Pickup Set
The Seymour Duncan Custom Shop has teamed up with blues-rock virtuoso Joe Bonamassa to produce the Joe Bonamassa Signature Pickup Set. This immaculately crafted and calibrated dual-humbucker set accurately replicates the P.A.F. pickups in Joe's beloved 1959 sunburst Les Paul. Their rich, dynamic, and nuanced voice will appeal to all tone connoisseurs who cherish the passion and power of the original humbucker.

Wound on the historic Leesona machine that created humbuckers for Gibson back in the '50s and '60s, the set features an Alnico 2 magnet in the neck pickup and Alnico 3 in the bridge. Period-correct butyrate bobbins, lightly antiqued nickel covers, wooden spacer, and retro-style "Bonamassa” P.A.F. stickers heighten the vintage vibe.

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