Mike Orlando is the breakout shredding phenomenon from Staten Island, NY. Mike's debut CD, Sonic Stomp, has turned heads in the shredding community. Steve Vai describes Mike’s guitar playing as “absolutely amazing.” It has also been said that Mike’s CD has the hottest shredding since Jason Becker’s Perpetual Burn. Mike has given us some smokin’ licks here in the Roundtable, so buckle your safety belts, you’re gonna need them!

Lick 1
This lick is performed in C major, but can be played in any key and any position on the neck. It’s a 5-string arpeggio from the A string to the high E string. It begins with a slide from B to C, then a down-stroke sweep until the upstroke on the B on the high E String. Next, alternate picking on the high E followed by a down-stroke sweep from the high E down to the A string and repeat. The end of the lick is a series of slides and hammer-ons from the high E string down to the low E string.

Lick 2
Lick 2 is performed with the flat-picking technique. You down pick a note, then pluck the note on adjacent higher string upward with the second or third finger of your right hand. The first part is straight flat-picking, and is followed by hammer-ons and pull-offs. The third part is a series of hammer-ons, flat-picking, and slides followed by straight two-note alternate string flat-picking down a box pentatonic pattern.

Lick 3
This lick is a series of fast alternate picking while muting the strings simultaneously with your picking hand, in quadruplets. Here it's performed in D Minor, but it can be played in any key and in any position as well. It is followed by groups of sextuplets with muted alternate picking, and hammer-ons and pull-offs.

Lick 4
This example is a series of four-note tapping patterns, while string skipping back and forth from the high E to the B to the G strings and back. It’s followed by the same style tapping lick, but the right hand tapped note jumps from one note to another back & forth within the pattern which includes hammer-ons and pull-offs.

Lick 5
This lick is achieved by picking the first note and hammering-on the second. The third note on the high E is plucked with the flat-picking technique, followed by a pull-off and slide to the next note, and repeat. Next is the same style lick, but the third note is two notes together, so pluck both notes on the E and B strings at the same time with your right hand second and third fingers. It ends with a downward sweep arpeggio from the high E to the low E.

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