Ola dBucket Chorus & Vibrato

Download Example 1
Half Tone, 3/4 Depth, Chorus Type, Normal Mode, Half Speed
Download Example 2
Half Tone, Half Depth, Max Mix, Vibrato Type, Norm Mode, Half Speed
Clips recorded with PRS McCarty DC245 20th Anniversary into a Matchless Avalon 35 combo.
If there’s a pedal in the Strymon line that really showcases how in tune the company is with stellar products of yesteryear, it’s the Ola. It was influenced by Strymon engineer favorites like the elusive Boss VB-2 Vibrato, and both its controls and its deep blue hue echo that unit— though it adds a few extra features. The Speed, Mix, and Depth controls are pretty standard, and they display the same highly sensitive traits of the controls on the other Strymon pedals. The added Tone control is a little unconventional, and it only affects treble frequencies rather than sweeping between highs and lows. I prefer being able to control the tone over a wide frequency range and morph from sharp and poignant to foggy and creepy.

In addition to the chorus mode, two more modulation types can be selected with the Type switch: Multi is a three-phase multi-delay chorus (as opposed to the standard single delay) that avoids the warble associated with older analog chorus pedals, and the last is for vibrato. The Mode control is unique in that its effect varies depending on your playing style. In the envelope position, the circuit reacts to your pick attack. The lower you set the Ramp|Env knob, the harder you have to pick to hear the effect (kind of like how a noise gate’s Threshold knob works). In the ramp position, the effect is only activated when you hold down the footswitch. Imagine playing a solo or a single-note riff and throwing in a little fast vibrato for only one or two notes. It’s a useful feature that inspired some pretty creative moments when I was playing around with it. Mode’s ramp and env modes can be tailored with the Ramp|Env knob. With Mode set to ramp, the speed of the effect increases the further clockwise you turn Ramp|Env. With Mode set to env, the envelope opens with less pick attack the more you crank Ramp|Env. Because the pedal is so versatile, the Favorite footswitch is included here, too, so you can save your go-to setting.
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you need a feature-laden chorus and vibrato pedal with classic tones.
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you want the added versatility of having separate chorus and vibrato pedals

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