IK Multimedia leveraged the AmpliTube brand to bring its amp modeling software to the iPad, building an impressive 8-track recorder into the latest iPad version. If recording multiple tracks is important to you, then you'll definitely want to take a look at AmpliTube.

One of the greatest things about AmpliTube is its familiarity. If you know the app on your Mac or PC, you're already a step ahead with the iPad version.

There are a couple of things that every guitarist will love about AmpliTube. The first and most important is the tone. For me, AmpliTube excels at getting that nice crunchy tone. With amp models like the JCM 800, you can easily make a quality tone without the need to add pedals. Of course, you can, and when using a Vox amp model, you probably should if you want to put the crunch over the top.

The AmpliTube interface is well laid out and easy to understand. The bottom of the screen allows you to tap and choose your amp and cab, as well as enter the setup screen, tools or presets. AmpliTube is available in free and paid ($19.99) versions.