Capo ($19.99) is just a brilliant app for guitar players. I have it on my Macs in the studio [see PG’s review of the software] and on my iPad. The concept is simple, but Capo does it well.

Capo is all about learning how to play a song by playing along with it. If you want to learn a song, you load it into Capo where you can slow it down without changing the pitch. You can change the pitch too if you want, but I haven't had to do that much.

This is something that we've all done with songs on albums all the way up to MP3s on the computer. Capo gives you a nice clean interface to do it on your iPad, with easy touch controls.

You can play a song at 1/4, 1/2, or 3/4 of its normal play speed. Of course, you can also play it at normal speed too, once you've figured out how to play it and want to test your skill. You can also set markers in the song and loop the playback for a specific area that you want to learn.

An app like Capo is great for beginners learning new songs and seasoned veterans that need to brush up on a song before a gig.