The London duo who wrote Loud Hailer with Jeff Beck releases a visceral debut LP with a singularity that shows how guitar can alchemize with EDM.



BONES UK began its rise in 2016 when Rosie Bones and guitarist Carmen Vandenberg collaborated with Jeff Beck on Loud Hailer. The duo released five of its self-titled debut’s 12 tracks, including a redux of “I’m Afraid of Americans,” between touring with Beck and now. BONES lyrics are charged with a middle-finger-in-the-face attitude toward sexism and conformity, and yet with tracks like “Girls Can’t Play Guitar,” they smirk it off, too.

The sonic bed to the group’s unapologetic truths is layering of immensely fat, heavily effected, soaring riffs over insistent drum beats. Vandenberg’s talent is undeniable, but the singularity that BONES UK has lies in how they fit that traditional yet visceral 6-string into the contemporary pocket of EDM programming.

If I was speaking instead of writing, I’d honor Vandenberg’s tone with a moment of silence: It is on the level. Like the greats before her, she finds inventive, magical sweet spots that become her voice. No one can teach that, so a listen is worth it to hear that intangible quality alone.

Must-hear tracks: “Choke,” “Limbs”

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