Utilizing the patent pending Bad Cat Unleash Technology, this little hand-wired beast is capable of producing about 100 watts from a single-ended amplifier.

Irvine, CA (September 14, 2012) – “If you have ever experienced the pleasure of playing a really fine vintage single-ended, all tube amplifier then you'll know the feeling when you plug into this amplifier,” said John Thompson, president of Bad Cat Amps. “Our newest amplifier changes the way you play, inspiring and pushing you as a player. Touch sensitivity, sweet breakup and natural sounding compression, it’s all there.”

“The problem that arises with single-ended amplifiers is that they are limited to low wattage situations. Imagine having that touch sensitivity and gig-able volumes, that’s what the Bobcat 100 does. Hand-wired, single-ended, touch sensitive and yet it’s ferocious. Utilizing the patent pending Bad Cat Unleash Technology, this little hand-wired beast is capable of producing about 100 watts from a single-ended amplifier. Turn the Unleash off and you have a pure, 5 watt amp that can be used in your bedroom.” Thompson continues; “If the tone and power are not enough reason for you to take a look at the Bobcat, consider that all that tone and power comes to you in a 1x12 combo that weighs just 32 pounds!” The Bobcat is currently shipping with a street price of $1499.00.

Bobcat 5/100 features:
• Fat Switch - Add thickness and warmth to single coil bridge pickup. Add fullness at low volume levels (bedroom volume).
• Gain - Go from spanky clean, to crunch, to tweed style compression.
• Hi/Low Gain Switch - This is foot switchable and controls gain level from clean (sparkle), to crunch (soft breakup), to over-the-top (Hi Gain). When combined with the two channels of the Unleash section, the amp allows you to have 4 different tones from clean to mean!
• Bright Switch - Add top-end sweetness to a single coil neck pickup or attack to a humbucker.
• Out/In Switch - Controls the Bad Cat Unleash technology to be in or out of the circuit. When switched out, the Bobcat becomes a pure 5-watt, hand wired, class A amplifier. When switched in, the Bobcat becomes a 100-watt, snarling beast.
• Unleash - Two channel, foot switchable, 100-watt amplifier section. Each channel can be set with independent levels to be used as rhythm/lead, or clean/distortion or anything in-between.

Voltage: 100V, 120V, 220-230V
Power (Watts): 5W/100W Class A/D
Inputs: 1
Controls: Gain, Tone, Unleash (2 channels). Additionally, Fat, Bright, Gain and Unleash switches (Gain and Unleash channels are foot switchable)
Configuration: Combo 1x12"
Cabinet Material: Italian Poplar
Handle: Leather Strap Handle
Grill Cover: Black, Light Gold, Dark Gold
Speaker Description: Modified Classic 80
Impedance: 4, 8, 16 ohms
Power Tube: 6V6
Pre-Amp Tube: 6SL7
Knobs: Chicken Head (Black or Cream)

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