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Beyond Blues - May '17 Ex. 5

Sloped shoulders and a beautiful burst hint at a dreadnought classic, but inside lurks a thoroughly modern approach to flattop design.

Super-slinky and inviting playability. Balanced output across the frequency spectrum. Top-shelf build quality.

Fans of traditional slope-shouldered dreads might miss the huskier, dustier voices associated with the type.


Taylor 417e


The great guitars that Taylor produced in nearly 50 years of existence would probably justify cruising on the back of past successes. But Taylor still seems to genuinely enjoy pushing back against flattop design dogma. They’re very much at ease with the notion that their guitars are alternatives to more traditional fare and perceived in some quarters as “modern” sounding—which in Taylor’s case is generally shorthand for meticulous balance between high, middle, and low registers, immaculate intonation, and easy-on-the-engineer recordability.

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Here's a quick guide on how to get the most out of your capo.

Capos are a simple tool that unlocks the most singular sound a guitar can make—open strings. Don't know where to start or maybe can't figure out what. partial capo does? Let Tom be your guide.
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Updated USA NS basses combine the most popular elements of Spector’s Brooklyn, Kramer, and modern Woodstock eras while expanding the line with new, player-focused options.

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