Blackstar Amplification Broadens HT Product Line

The new models include the HT1R-Mk II, HT5R-Mk II, and the HT20R-MkII.

Melville, NY (January 21, 2019) -- Blackstar’s distinguished HT amplifier series has added three additional models to the growing line: HT1R-Mk II, HT5R-Mk II and the HT20R-MkII. Each amp is the result of received years of intensive R&D, raising the benchmark for compact and affordable tube amplifiers.

The HT1R-MkII combines stunning boutique cosmetics with impressive tube tone, resulting in the perfect practice amp. Now with two footswitchable voices, “American” and Class A “British” sounds, Blackstar has crafted an amp that sounds full and toneful, even at the lowest volume level. In addition to the re-voiced Clean & Overdrive channels, the new HT1R-MKII features USB audio output and studio-quality reverb. The 1 watt HT1R-MkII is available as both a combo and head.

Killer tones and innovative features make the HT5R-MkII the ultimate studio and practice tubeamp. Equipped with the unique 5W push-pull design utilizing the 12BH7 tube, players will experience the features and power of a 100W stack, in a small, compact package. The two-channel design also features two distinct voices per channel and USB audio output for easy recording. From clear and punchy cleans, to searing overdrive, this 5 Watt amplifier has everything needed for the modern guitarist. The 5 watt HT5R-MkII comes both head and combo formats.

The big brother of the series, the HT20R-MkII, offers huge versatility for home, studio, or on stage. The carefully voiced preamp, combined with a 20 WattEL84 power amp, provides the player with the ability to create wonderfully lush tube tones, all in a refined, stage-friendly design. From pure boutique cleans, to mild overdrive, right up to saturated distortion, this amp does it all. The HT20R-MkII also features a USB audio out, an XLR D.I. and a studio quality reverb, making this an extremely versatile head or combo.

“Blackstar made waves last year with the announcement of the HT Venue Mk II series, a line that listened to guitarists and implemented their needs into an amp,” explains Brian Piccolo, Director of Guitar Brands at KORG USA, Inc. “We’re ecstatic to see Blackstar has continued the trend with their HT Series andthink these new additions will impress even the most demanding guitar player,” Piccolo says.

The HT1R-MkII combo will be available for $299.99, with the HT1RH-MkII at $249.99. The HT5R-MkII and HT5RH-MkII will be priced at $499.99 and $449.99 respectively.The HT20R-MkII and HT20RH-MkII will also be available for $599.99 and $549.99. All models will be available January 2019.

They will be debuted at WNAMM at the KORG USA, Inc. booth, Hall B #8802.

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