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BSM Introduces the RB Looper

BSM Introduces the RB Looper

The passive box works with two custom-made toroidal transformers providing that analog flair of Ritchie Blackmore's AIWA TP-1011 reel-to-reel tape deck from the '70s.

Waldmohr, Germany (October 10, 2017) -- Good news for all Ritchie Blackmore fans. The high output level of many BSM Treble Booster and preamp units often causes problems with the following modulation unit, especially with the echo unit that is necessary and important for the real post-'74 Blackmore sound. BSM solved this problem with the RB box (aka Ritchie´s Box), a pure passive looper with two custom-made special line transformers. In the first step the input level is transformed to 50 percent to have the standard level for overdrive-free processing in other modern effects. In the second step the signal is pushed up again to 100 percent in the return section to the original output level. With this tricky thing it´s also possible to combine todays modelling effects and old-style treble boosters!

The RB box is passive with two custom-made toroidal transformers, adding that analog flair of Ritchies AIWA TP-1011 reel-to-reel tape deck to all digital echo and delay machines.


  • Famous sound, noise-free by using toroidal transformers.
  • Works distortion-free with all preamp or line levels.
  • Due to a tricky backward wiring you can also use the transformers to push any connected stompbox (e.g. an overdrive) to more of its original output to reach the output level of a treble booster with the benefit of its mild and soft characteristics.

Street price is $185.00

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