Chandler Limited Releases New Speaker Cabinets

Chandler Limited's new guitar cabs — available in both straight and slant models — come with a choice of four different Celestion speakers.

Shell Rock, IA (October 3, 2013) -- Chandler Limited, recognized globally for signal processing and related music and audio products that deliver the classic analog warmth recording and performing professional musicians seek, is pleased to announce the introduction of two speaker cabinets for the company’s highly acclaimed GAV19T Guitar Amplifier. Featuring a variety of available transducers from Celestion, recognized as one of the world's largest and most innovative manufacturers of loudspeakers, the new Chandler Limited speaker cabinets are ideally suited for use with the GAV19T Guitar Amplifier—effectively creating a one stop guitar amp solution for today’s most discriminating guitarist.

Available by special order through authorized Chandler Limited dealers, the speaker cabinets are finished to perfectly match the look of the GAV19T guitar amp and will be available in two cabinet styles and four transducer options. Like the GAV19T Guitar Amplifier, the new speaker enclosures feature the red garnet tolex material and black piping so as to perfectly match the appearance of the amp head.

The enclosures themselves are made with exceptional materials and painstaking attention to detail. The speaker cabinets are available in two configurations: a British style 2 x 12 slant cabinet or a British style 2 x 12 straight cabinet. Both enclosures are manufactured using Baltic Birch wood with 1/4-inch finger joints—recognized industry-wide as the superior wood for premium loudspeaker enclosures—and include a small weave cane black grill cloth designed to aesthetically match the look of the GAV19T guitar amp. For easy transport, both enclosure models feature black casters.

Customers will be able to choose from four available Celestion transducer options: Celestion’s Vintage 30, Heritage Series G12H (55 Hz), Alnico Gold, and the newly released favorite G12M-65 Creamback. Depending upon one’s preferences, these transducers offer a broad range of sonic palettes ranging from vintage tone quality to hard edged rock.

In order to assist prospective customers in choosing the transducer complement that best suits their music, the Chandler Limited website offers video examples featuring Chandler Limited’s Wade Goeke and New Black 7’s Tory Stoffregen playing through the GAV19T Guitar Amplifier using the various Celestion speaker options.

Chandler Limited owner and chief product designer Wade Goeke commented on the company’s new Celestion-equipped speaker cabinets and the opportunities they offer guitarists. “I am extremely pleased to have reached agreement with Celestion to outfit our speaker cabinets with some of the finest transducers available anywhere,” says Goeke. “Celestion has a stellar reputation among guitarists and the fact that we are offering our cabinets with a choice of four different loudspeaker options affords our customers the best possible choices for their musical preferences. We’ve had tremendous success with our GAV19T guitar amp and I’m confident these new loudspeaker enclosures will take our guitar offerings to the next level.”

Celestion’s John Sanchez, the company’s Boutique OEM Account Specialist, is equally enthusiastic about the new Celestion-equipped guitar cabinets. “Chandler Limited has been producing highly regarded creative tools that have been used in studios and on stages the world over for more than a decade. For Celestion drivers to be featured as a standard component in this exciting new endeavor is incredibly satisfying and we greatly look forward to growing with Chandler Limited as a valued supplier in the years ahead.”

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