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Chromatic CAGED - Jun. '19 Ex. 21

A view of the mic closet at Nashville’s County Q studio.

Compare notes with Nashville producer-engineer Mike Purcell, who runs down the essentials of a pro-level home-studio mic collection.

A well-rounded mic closet could take a lifetime to build. I’m constantly trying different things, but there’s always a core set of mics I come back to because they’re reliable and provide good results. Many of these mics work on a wide range of instruments. By knowing my mics, I can make a choice that’s going to enhance the sound of an instrument—especially guitar.

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Designed in collaboration with Kraz himself, the Deluxe Eric Krasno Brighton combines his favorite aspects of vintage guitars and modern offerings in a sleek package.

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Gretsch Custom Shop Tour

Tour Gretsch’s Corona, California, custom guitar building operation with company master builder Chad Henrichsen and PG’s own John Bohlinger.

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