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Cleveland Music Co. Introduces Flats Distortion

Cleveland Music Co. Introduces Flats Distortion

The Flats offers guitarists a faithful reproduction of the legendary distortion that defined the sound of the underground in the 1980s, but it doesn’t stop there.

The Flats extends its tonal possibilities with:

  • A VOICE control that thickens the tone and changes the intensity and character of the distortion, giving a fuller, more modern distortion sound
  • A BOOST/VINTAGE 2-way toggle switch, allowing you to choose between high-gain, tight distortion, and a lower-gain setting giving finer control of sweet overdrive and “edge of breakup” tones; this switch transforms the Flats into a 2-in-1 pedal
  • A Si/Ge clipping 2-way toggle switch, providing a traditional symmetrical silicon clipping diode configuration for bright aggressive sounds, or an asymmetrical germanium diode configuration for warmer, spongier character
  • An internally-switchable Class A unity gain input buffer; you can easily select between TrueBypass or Buffered switching

In addition to these powerful new features, the Flats is built for the rigors of the road: it is housed in a rugged, powder-coated die-cast aluminum enclosure with space-saving top-mounted jacks, and is fitted with premium aluminum knobs and a soft-touch latching footswitch. The Flats can be powered by any standard external DC supply from 9-volt to 18-volt. There is no battery compartment. Like all Cleveland Music Co. gear, it is built by hand in Cleveland, OH, using only the finest components from name-brand suppliers.

The Flats Distortion carries a street price of $149.

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Flats Distortion Pedal