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Cosmic Country - April '17 Ex. 4

Justin Chancellor's #1 Wal Bass for Tool
Justin Chancellor's #1 Wal Bass Guitar for Tool

The Tool bass legend and his tech Pete Lewis detail the specs behind the instrument that has created some of the band's most iconic riffs.

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Our columnist breaks down the science behind the dB unit specific to digital systems, and divulges a perennial question about comparative amp loudness.

Hello, and welcome to another Dojo. Last month, I focused on the history and development of the VU meter, and then defined some of the more confusing terms regarding decibels (dB, dBu, dBA, and dBSPL), as well as various ways to measure loudness and amplitude. I also asked: “Is a 100-watt amp twice as loud as a 50-watt amp?”—the answer shall be revealed presently. But first, I’m going to focus on a relative newcomer to the scene: dBFS. Tighten up your belts, the Dojo is now open.

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This $500 solidbody may look like a no-frills machine, but it’s a rock-solid player with features that elevate it above most guitars in its price category.

A flat-out bargain. Great vibrato system. Excellent fretwork. Fast playability.

Some midrange clutter in the output at wide-open volumes.


PRS SE CE 24 Standard Satin


PRS makes some of the best affordable electric guitars in the world. They also have a talent for making those instruments look expensive. They achieve this trick thanks to quality control standards and practices that better most companies at the accessible end of the price spectrum. But PRS also built their reputation on immaculately crafted and very exclusive guitars. And once that association is burned into the collective consciousness of the guitar playing public—and you figure out a way to cop high-end design cues in down-market versions—well, you can make an inexpensive guitar seem very expensive, indeed.

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