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Electric Love Releases Three Pedals to Power Breast Cancer Research

Electric Love Releases Three Pedals to Power Breast Cancer Research

In honor of breast cancer awareness month, Electric Love introduces a limited-edition run of pedals with all profits going to support breast cancer research.

Electric Love is a business that was created out of a need to help further life-saving cancer research. Owner Ben Carlin created a limited run of breast cancer awareness pedals to help power breast cancer research.

"My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 36 in 2015. During her treatment, surgeries, and ongoing adjuvant treatment and follow-ups, I have turned to music. This is my attempt to find solace in troubled waters. Thanks to a fantastic medical team, adjuvant treatment, and a positive attitude, she did great and is still here today. Cancer research is the key to saving more lives and ultimately to a cure for cancer," says owner Ben Carlin.

100% of profits from this limited run of pedals will go to Play for P.I.N.K. Profits are defined as all monies after the cost of all of the parts and materials to build the pedals or any other product, the packaging materials, shipping, reverb percentages, tax, tax prep, and overall cost of business. For those that purchase the pedals or other merchandise, Carlin will provide each buyer with a cost breakdown at the end of the run for transparency.

3 Pedal Series includes Fuzz (Volume, Sustain, Tone) Overdrive ( Volume, Drive, Tone), and Delay (Level, Delay, Repeats.) They run off a 9v Negative center DC power supply.

They can be found individually for $150.00 or the full set for $450.00 at